Collecting and interpreting my own dreams I attempt to analyse them to gain some understanding of the workings of my own subconscious mind. In my 2nd year work, the practice became obsessive, with a focus on recurring nightmares that would return frequently The work, in turn became dark and had a constant bank of images within it that created a repetitive element that became part of the performance. I used techniques in my conscious day to day life (scribbling, free drawing, surrealist drawing games) that allowed me to be more lucid in my sleep. This was necessary for me to overcome the fear of my recurring nightmares. I subsequently purged myself of this nightmare as since 2nd I am as yet to experience another dream about locking doors, and when I do find my dreams moving towards this point I am able to either wake myself or force the dream to change direction.



       Obvious dream imagery (especially in relation to keys and locking and unlocking of doors) from the wonderful Alice in wonderland  series. I used the original illustrations adding drawings of keys, altering text pieces and playing around with the illustrations themselves. T

This was my first ever Pin Prick piece which started off my obsession with intricate repetitive patterns (if it is difficult to see I advise tilting your screen for more detail)  See 'Art Books' page for more info