Exhibitions and Events

Upcoming events for Performance Smormance: Performance Society. -


Performance Smormanceʼs big coming out extravaganza.
We are starting a society for all that can encompass the term ʻPerformanceʼ and our
debut is a smorgasbord week of awesome. Monday February 27 - Friday March 2. The
Hub for all events is the Whitespace in the Crawford building next to studio 432. It is on
the 4th floor near Printmaking, on the East side of the building. If events are happening
elsewhere it will be noted.

All week long: Projected student films. We want your videos. The files MUST be in quicktime .mov format. Drop a DVD at the main reception desk by 5pm on Thursday
February 23. We will be screening them all week long in the Whitespace. What do we
want? Something you made that you think fits the theme ʻPerformanceʼ. Variety IS the spice of life.

Day One: Monday
1-3 Annual General Meeting. Carnegie Air Bar Side in DUSA : This is where it all
starts. We will be reading out the mission of Performance Smormance and electing
executive officers. Come take a gander - you might like to join in on the fun.
5:30-7:30 1 page Zine Workshop. In collaboration with The Satellite Zine we will be
presenting a workshop where you will learn and make a Zine using one sheet of A3
paper. If you want, we will scan your Zine and print copies to present at Dundeeʼs first
Zine Fair on March 24th at Chambers East.

Day Two: Tuesday
2-8 Prop Workshop. We will be preparing for Fridayʼs Gala Event - the Alter Ego Party.
Come hang out and work on a costume, prop, or mask for the big party. We will have
sewing machines, fabric, glue,card, and glitter. If you want to donate any clothes or
supplies for the workshop please bring them along.

Day Three: Wednesday
Leap Day! February 29th only happens once in every 4 years - and we are celebrating
with a day of activities. We will be out and about doing leap frog, being active, and
generally wacky. Follow our twitter feed to find out where we are - join us!

Four: Thursday
5-6:15 Screening. Morgan Cahn is curating an hour of short performance films to give
an idea of the history and broken boundaries surrounding Performance Art. Not for the
faint of heart. Before the screening we will be showcasing some short videos from
Helen Wilson and Ross Weryk.

Day Five: Friday
6-9 Alter Ego Party. This is the First Party for Performance Smormance. Everyone
should come - as long as you are dressed up and in the character of an Alter Ego. Take
this opportunity to try out someone new - and stay in character! This should be a blast.
Some refreshments will be provided, but it is best to byob. Bar Crawl Afterwards.

My first ever exhibition :) so proud

Rosangle Cafe, Perth Road 3rd-18th February 2012